How to intentionally live the life that matters most and not the one others expect of you.

If I were to write you a letter to help you improve one area of your work-life, the first line would begin like this: Everyone will always have an "opinion" about you whether you like it or not. But the quicker you get over how people feel about you, the more fulfilled, meaningful and happier living will become.

This condition of judging the book by it's cover is a mindset of finishing a conversation that never got started. I call it the "book-life," where you're constantly being judged by your cover before knowing your story.

In other words, It's the lazy side of humanity that wants everything in bite-size "social media terms" without taking the time to discover the greatness in people, diversity, culture and the world around us. Accept it and keep moving forward.

But remember these life lessons: you can't change people, only yourself; you get only one life...live it well and give it your best shot. When you live your life with purposeful authenticity, you'll be free from the burden of people's expectations.

Never focus on the summary, always read between the lines. The summary is only a small glimpse of people's opinion of you. But wouldn't you agree that you are far more interesting than any summary can ever tell? Of course you'd agree!

Your attitudes, beliefs and actions are the true indicators of character. Judging is not only a character flaw in thinking, it is one of the greatest hindrances to building a stronger humanity and more fortified communities.

The rise of social media has made it easier to judge others. For instance, today it’s the summary of your LinkedIn profile, tomorrow it’s something else. And while those opinions do matter, it is the identity of being your authentic self, your values, Character, beliefs and resilience to persevere through the storms of life that matters most. "I call it the “good-part" of Humanity."

This mindset has been the lighthouse of my life and has helped me to survive a traumatic childhood and live to tell the story—it is a fundamental principle I bring to everything I do today.<br><br> My aim in living is to skip the profile summary and bring out the 'good-part' in people where they LIVE, WORK, & PLAY!

As a result, whether it's working on becoming the best version of myself for my family, coaching my 11 year old son how to do a proper push-up, writing books, doing a TEDx TALK to inspire the next generation, or evaluating needs assessments for employees, consulting with businesses as a Work-life Integration Strategist for corporate leaders or presenting vital information to help improve diversity and fair-play in the workplace, or speaking internationally to a global audience.

The mindset is still the same...LOOK FOR THE GOOD PART OF HUMANITY!

teacher pd facilitatorIn my role as a professional teacher PD facilitator and staff development coach, I help educators, corporate leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs integrate work, life, and self-care to improve wellbeing, so they can pursue purposeful living.

In addition, when I'm not busy speaking or coaching, I'm at my best self being an energetic podcast host of the ILIRPODCAST SHOW!

Purposeful authenticity is an intentional act of knowing yourself, but it should also be a natural response to welcoming others into your world. People need to feel and "experience" great moments in life where there's a sense of belonging, hope, contribution, value and acknowledgement.

2021 tedx talk, andrew ted talk, resilience in youthIf you are ever in the position to be a facilitator to improve some aspects of humanity, don't wait. Participate before is to late! It's too late when life is absent from the body and that loved one has no idea how you feel about him/her. All the great ideas, wishful thinking and would-have-been conversations mean nothing when someone dies.

Your greatest opportunity to impact any life is in the living years! But sadly, the greatest damage to humanity is done during the living years. One author puts it this way, they "Can't Hurt Me" Now.

But that only happens if you are no longer living. As long as you are alive, joy and sorrow, pain and hurt, disappointments and triumphs, wins and losses, victory and defeat are all part of living. And though it may appear as if humanity has become it's worst enemy, I believe that now is the best time to rewrite the future starting with today. We all have the potential to change the trajectory of living and the destiny of humanity.

Ultimately, I believe gratitude is our greatest expression of hope. As a youth with little formal education, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to learn more, so I can serve more.

My coaching and consulting work includes Professional Development for new educators, professional staff, municipal public service members, and not-for-profit organizations.

If you are curious and would like to start a new interactive conversation...let’s talk.

I’m always ready to do an interview with amazing humans who aspire to change the world, exchange stories, ideas, or make new connections!

Here Are Five Strategies To Help You Live With Purposeful Authenticity
  • Get to know you better than the world or "big-brother" knows about you
  • Always look for the good in everyone you see...not always easy, but it's worth finding out
  • Seek to learn more, so you can serve more as you earn more
  • Never ask the obvious, seek to uncover what makes people feel alive
  • Try to mess up more than you seek to fix up, embrace the growth process not the destination<br><br>
  • My Specialties:

  • Work-life integration
  • Management and people skills training
  • Wellness and work
  • Staff development
  • Professional coaching
  • Teacher PDs on student engagement
  • Diversity and Fair-Play
  • Podcast-interviews
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