Motivational speaker Andrew E. Guy had staff and students at Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School on their feet.
Andrew E. Guy shares his philosophy for building success on the right foundation. Let go. Let's go. Let's grow. In six words, motivational speaker Andrew E. Guy had staff and students at Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School on their ​feet as he outlined the steps to a successful future. Guy was invited to speak at the school for Black History Month, however, his message could be applied to all.
"Black History Month is not just a colour month, it's a human race month," said Guy. "If you're looking at the skin colour, it's like looking at a car's paint job instead of looking at the engine." With that, Guy focused on how individuals can build their success on the right foundation, regardless of race.   Growing up in foster care in Jamaica and only attending school once a week, Guy went on to obtain degrees in Medical Biology, Exercise Science, and a Masters of Science in Kinesiology. He is a public speaker, teacher, and author, among other things. But his point wasn't to brag. It was to motivate.
Before his success, Guy had contemplated suicide. His faith in God gave him hope that a plan was in place for him, and in trusting Him, he took a step back and went on to build a career inspiring others to rise and be the best they can be.   "There will be days you are going to go through that are tough, but that's what makes your foundation stronger," he said. "You will have some bad days, but His calling is for a better tomorrow." "If I can build this life from only one day a week of schooling, what's stopping you?"
This isn't a black issue, he said. "It's not about pointing fingers." Guy encouraged students to stop holding onto past grudges, histories or obstacles and instead look to their current education, family and experiences to shape themselves and grow.   When you can let go, you can grow. And in that growth, comes hope. "Hope is there to guide you and give you strength when you don't feel like going on." So, he asked, "What foundation are you building?"